January 8, 2010

good reads hit the big screen!

I've been waiting for this to hit book stores for awhile now and I just read in today's Variety that James Cameron is actually interested in it as a potential new project.  If you haven't seen Avatar yet, you've been living in a hole and should just consider yourself not of the human race. Available January 19th.

Anna introduced me to this book years ago when we were in high school and it's become one of my all time favorites.  Since the film is out with luke-warm reviews, I decided to torture myself and re-read it before seeing it on the big screen.  If you're interested in a good read/sob fest, read this book.  It's easy and entertaining but is a total heart breaker. Have your box of tissues handy.

I haven't gotten around to picking this book up, but the film was beautiful.  Tom Ford recently made his debut as a director and took this novel as his first project.  My goodness...that man is a creative genius, ruling the fashion world with Gucci and now taking Hollywood, one gay film at a time. The cinematography is reminiscent of Wong Kar Wai and of course the production/costume design is flawless.  It's definitely apparent that a man who knows fashion had a little something to do with this film....anxious to read the book and see how it compares! 

Here's the trailer:

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