January 29, 2010

Betty Boop Crocker: kitchen-candy

I've been pining hard for a dutch oven for quite some time now.  I think I've said the phrase "well, if I had a dutch oven I could make...." on the daily.  I asked for one for Christmas...didn't happen.  I entered a sweepstakes on LuckyMagazine.com forcing a few other people to enter on my behalf...didn't win.  I even looked on craigslist and eBay, but the thought of receiving a hand-me down dutch oven that could have been exposed to potential neglect and abuse completely turned me off.  I was tired of being dutchoven-less.

So after weeks of contemplation,  I finally took the plunge and splurged on the Godmother of all dutch ovens... ahem, French-ovens.  Introducing....

Le Creuset's Enameled Cast Iron "French" Oven AKA Betty Boop Crocker

Betty is of the Le Creuset family and boasts a wam-bam figure of 10 x 10.8 x 4 inches ; 10.5 pounds holding up to 5.5 quarts...yep, she's a curvy little minx.  Sporting a sexy, red enamel, Betty is perfect for all of your soups, meats, stews, casseroles and even baking needs due to versatility on top of the stove and inside the oven.  Hand finished, Betty will allure anything and everything you place under her lid, creating delicious meals time after time.  And best of yet, contrary to social stigmas, Betty is one sweet darling that only gets better with time and more usage. No wrinkles or sagging here! Take care of her, and she'll be taking care of you and yours for decades to come.

Betty will be a regular on buttermyjammy, so please acquaint yourselves

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