January 3, 2010

679:433 Reunion- Lake Tahoe

I was lucky enough to spend a part of the holidays in Lake Tahoe with some of my best friends from college.  We were missing a few key players, but partied like it was 2006 all over again...

ok, maybe it wasn't QUITE like 2006...no broken windows and doors, no cops, no hugging the toilet at 3AM, no frantic "WHERE'S INNIE?!" phone calls, no balls on Gabe's face, no "I think I'm dying from alcohol poisoning" speeches and NO requests for Vaseline and swim caps whatsoever.  I guess we've grown up since then....

We did manage to play every single drinking game possible and of course the dancing never stopped.  Just a few highlights:

pre Tahoe in Granite Bay

make it rain!

girls scheming in quarters

dancing queens

Homewood, Tahoe CA

view from our back patio

2010 destination....Costa Rica!

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